Ancestory DNA and our ancestors

I did the DNA test back in December. Growing up my family thought we were Native American and I even went to a camp and other programs for Native Americans. Pottawatomie is what we were told. How exciting as kids growing up thinking this and then being told many years later that you in fact do not have any Native American in you. Palm to face…. Now I am wondering if I am really related to Tom Selleck or other historical figures like John Hart who signed the Declaration of Independence. What about you?

The DNA Results

  • 64% English, Welch and Northwestern Europe
  • 23% Irish and Scottish
  • 8% French
  • 3% Norway
  • 2% Italy

Well this is a surprise right? Here I am thinking I was English, Irish, German and Scottish but in fact I have Norwegian and French in me. Where is this so called German I thought I had? My mother always wondered where I got my olive colored skin from. So with this information I started to do the family tree. Why wouldn’t you want to know where you came from, the names of your ancestors? Unless you have one of those ofrenda things that you put all your ancestors on so they can visit on Dia de Muertos Celebration then there is a good chance that you might only know details that other family has given you and names you heard from a great-grandparent. The information they have might only be back to their great-great-grandparents and that is it. Think to the 1700’s when your ancestors lived and what it was like for them? They only had horses and rode for days to get somewhere. They didn’t have any technology like we do today? What would they think of today if they were able to come back to life for only one day to see the world and family? A lot to think about right?

Through Thoughts and Research becomes more.

  • Why am I blogging about this?
  • What can this do for you?

I am obsessed with the show Outlander. I mean who wouldn’t be if you like time travel and the 1700’s? While watching the show, it made me think about where did I come from and what was it like in the 1700’s. Who were my ancestors and where did they really come from? How Scottish was I?

So this is where I began my journey into my ancestral past. Who were they, what were they and how did they live? Were they Nobles or peasants? Did they live a life of riches or were they poor? Did any of them put their name down in history as being one of the most influential people of their time? I had to find out.

This is where I will start my journey of blogs talking about DNA tests, ancestors, history, and the imagination of what it might be like to live so long ago. I hope this inspires you to do the same and see where you came from also.