I sit here this morning drinking my coffee and looking around the kitchen. Clutter. All I see is clutter. I have done that KonMari method for most of my house. Which I still use but as I look at the kitchen I start realizing that we leave a huge carbon footprint. All this talk about how we only have 15 years or its the inevitable doom. All the plastic straws are being taken away and its a law here that you have to ask for one or you get a paper straw and those suck. Really though its not the plastic straws that are killing the environment because it was proven that some 9 year old made it up for a school project but really the problem lies in all the waste we throw away or all the resources we use everyday like electricity or water. So as a family we switched to solar panels through this amazing company here in So-Cal called 180 Solar. We have rid of most clutter and unnecessary toys and clothes. We wash our clothes and dry them out in the sun. We even have dirt instead of grass (which I miss so much). This carbon footprint isn’t just about the vehicle I am talking about all the dang plastic we use. From milk jugs to those plastic bags we bring home our fruits and veggies in. Did you know that they have mesh reusable ones? I just learned of this the other day when I was grabbing a plastic bag for some onions and saw a 3 pack next to the bags. We already have a 10 cent bag purchase on plastic or they can give you paper for free, but hardly hold anything. I have like 30 reusable bags that I purchased over the year at different grocery stores. It took a bit to get used to the idea that we need to bring bags or pay for them. As I sit here watching my son color in his highchair I think about what will his life be like at my age. That is almost 35 years from now. I can’t demand that everyone should go green or go zero waste but it doesn’t hurt to try and talk about it and see if others would do it with me or try so our children’s children will grow up in a lifestyle where we use a lot of reusable items like lunch bags, snack bags, use glass instead of plastic containers, fruit and veggie bags, metal straws, and other ways to stop the landfills from getting so much plastic that ends up on our streets, in our earth and our waterways killing or polluting everything in its path. So I started looking on Pinterest and Google to see if I could find ideas of how I can leave less of a carbon footprint. I am totally not going back to the 1700 with only candles and hand washing clothes but I want to teach my kids that we need to be thoughtful when it comes to the Earth. Teach them that we should love, nurture and grow. Love thy neighbor even if they are the biggest jerk in the world. It starts with the parents. I challenge you if you are interested, try and leave less of a carbon footprint like we do. Cut out all the unnecessary waste from your life, KonMari your house, Take that extra few moments and step back and take in the site of the changes you have made. Guess what, it doesn’t have to be all at one time. Make one change every month. Did you know that there are veggies that you can regrow like celery, lettuce and onions. There are ways to make your own all natural items like soaps, shampoos and even cleaning supplies that still work like Lysol. Who knew? I am totally going to try changing some of these things. It might take a while to get close to zero waste or less of a carbon footprint but for a better future for my kids and our Earth, at least I will give it a go to help. Anyone that actually reads this, do you have any suggestions or other ways to do this? If you read this are are inspired, and I hope you are, will you be trying to do this. It is also OK if you are like NOPE not for me. Have a wonderful day.