This world of blogging is so much fun yet so complicated. I am still trying to figure out how to get up a smooth flowing website and sub categorize. On to other things. I was inspired to buy some fall silk flowers and leaves from the Dollar Tree today. I have never made a wreath before but I think it would be really cool to DIY and make the house ready for fall. Here in California it is a bit different then where I grew up. I am from the Flint/Davison area of Michigan. We have seasons there. In the fall everything turns beautiful fall colors of reds, oranges, yellows and browns. I miss those chill days when you go to the local orchard and grab some corn stalks, pumpkins, the remaining of the harvest of apples and some hot apple cider. Where I live, fall is still 90 degrees and green. I think my neighbors tree turns yellow as the leaves fall off does that count? So this has inspired me to try this DIY Fall Wreath that I found on Pinterest. I will take pictures as I make it and them post them in my next blog about the wreath. How many of you out there have made wreaths? Did they turn out just like you wanted? I’m far from Pinterest Professional Crafter but I am happy with some of my outcomes when I try. Let me know what wreath/s you have made and pictures of them if they let you in the comments. Happy Sunday!