Why this is probably one of the best zoo’s I have ever been to and I have been to a lot.
     I took the kids over the summer quite a bit. It’s less than 20 miles from where we live and with a annual Keepers membership the 15$ parking is covered (if you have handicap plates you get the upgrade of 18$ for preferred parking since its all in the same lot). With a Keepers membership you can choose between 1 person with a +1 every time or the 2 in the same household package plus 2- 1 day visitor pass, 2 – 50% off 1 day pass and bunch of other things that are kind of cool. Plus there is a 10% discount off merch and food.
     Living so close why not get the membership. The other day I was talking to the boyfriend and he was telling me that he has seen some crazy documentaries about Zoo’s and what it is really like at most of them. Then I proceeded to tell him that The Safari Park was different. They have an actual safari where you can get on a train and ride all the way around stopping and taking about the safari. They have different choices too. The one that comes with your purchase of the daily ticket or they have upgrades (they are upward from 150 to 300) but the experience is up close and personal, feed animals and be IN their environment. All the animals in the safari can run, herd, breed and be as open and free as they can. I love this park. On top of that they do promote bigger enclosures for the animals and they just opened up an Australian walk though where you can literally walk into the enclosure with kangaroos. How cool right. Just today I was watching the news and they were showing the zoo cam. On the zoo cam was a baby rhino charging and running with its mom and then they were playing in the mud. They were not in some small space where they can’t stretch their legs. I wish more zoos thought about doing this. I know a lot of cities and such don’t have the land like we do out here but the overall quality of life for most of these animals I feel is as if they are actually living in the African Safari. Of course you have to remember it is a zoo and they want to promote births and re-population of almost endangered animals so putting Lions in with the Giraffes and Zebras would not be a good idea. Please, if you are our in San Diego, come visit both zoo’s and let me know what you think of them and what was your favorite part!